Web Extra: Learn how to categorize email

Can you imagine a day without e-mail? One study shows the average worker checks email a whopping 74 times a day.  But kids? They've moved on. In fact only 6 percent of teens communicate via e-mail. It's a trend many companies are taking notice of.

Click here to see the website mentioned in Local 6's story that can remove you from email lists or helps you to better categorize your inbox.

A recent article in The Washington Post tackled the idea of tackling your inbox. The article discusses Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro's 6D's to an uncluttered inbox.

1. DISCARD. Just delete stuff.

2. DELEGATE. Decide if this is really something you need to do.

3. DO. Do it quickly — answer e-mails that will take two minutes or less right away. Or  Do it later — create a system for turning e-mails that require action into To Do tasks.

4. DATE. Give yourself a deadline for taking action.

5. DRAWER. File away stuff you've taken action on but may want to refer to.

6. DETER. Unsubscribe