Altamonte Springs residents concerned after close encounters with bear

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – There are new concerns about bears roaming in a Central Florida neighborhood.

[VIDEO: Bear rummages through trash]

Miguel St. Onge tells Local 6 that he's had two bear encounters in the past two days at his home on Crosby Drive, just west of 434 in Altamonte Springs.

His surveillance camera captured the bear Tuesday night as it rummaged through his trash.

"When I came out and the trash cans were turned over," says St. Onge.

But his first encounter was Monday night, as he pulled into his garage. He says he saw the blue and red flashing lights from a police car.

"As I get out of the car the cops screaming at me run inside. It was terrifying. I heard the word bear and I was running."

St. Onge says he called Florida Fish and Wildlife asking for a trap to be set up in the neighborhood. But FWC tells Local 6, they won't remove a bear unless public safety is a concern or threat.

"Is it gonna take a child to get eaten around here or an adult for that matter walking their dog?" St. Onge said.

Instead FWC spokesperson Greg Workman say the neighborhood needs to focus on getting rid of the bear's food source. He says if there's no garbage or any human introduced food source for the bear to get into, then it will move out of the area. 

A deputy with the Seminole County Sheriff's Office tells Local 6 they responded to two bear sighting Wednesday morning about 1.5 miles from St. Onge's home.

In both cases, the bear didn't hurt anyone.