Lady Lake police investigate golf cart chop shops

Police search for burglars stealing golf carts from elderly

Local 6 News at 7:00p
Local 6 News at 7:00p

LADY LAKE, Fla. – Lady Lake police tell Local 6 they are looking for several groups that are stealing golf carts from the elderly.

83-year-old Elizabeth Granger's 2000 club golf cart was stolen from the parking lot of a bowling alley.

"To him it may just be a golf cart but it was my granddaughter's only mode of transportation," says Granger.

Lake Lady police later found the golf cart with the curtains missing and the names of the owners scratched off. After another golf cart was stolen investigators were tipped off to this home where they say 29-year old Joseph Robinson was running a golf cart chop shop.

"A golf cart chop shop is something you can place in your home and run for 24 hours, shut it down and then move it somewhere else," says Lake Lady police Detective Butch Purdue.

On the property they found tons of stolen golf cart parts.

"You can take a golf cart and strip it down in about 30 minutes," Purdue said.

Police said Robinson was selling the parts to paces across the state for big money.

"Minimum golf cart is probably $5,000 and you have golf carts that go up to $25,000 so its a booming market," says Purdue.

Police said golf carts are easy to steal because they have generic keys, they're quiet, and the stolen parts don't have serial numbers, making them virtually untraceable.

But Granger recognized unique parts of hers and was able to get it back.