Daytona Beach police still searching for handcuffed escapee

Police are still actively looking for a man nearly a week after he escaped their custody in Daytona Beach.

Police said Dontavius Williams, 18, took off running while he was still wearing handcuffs Sunday morning.

Daytona Beach police had said they approached Williams early Sunday morning when he gave them a fake name. They were able to hold and identify Williams, who was wanted on a warrant for aggravated assault with a firearm.

Daytona Beach police said they handcuffed Williams and as they were investigating, a group of his friends started to gather around the patrol car.

Williams was able to disappear into the crowd while police were trying to keep everyone back, officials said.

Local 6 erroneously reported Dontavius Williams had been captured on Thursday night, when Sanford police announced the arrest of Detroy Williams.

Detroy Williams had escaped a work release program on Aug. 27, and he was arrested on Thursday when Sanford police found him inside a stolen vehicle.

Local 6 regret the error.