Deltona man accused of stealing yard decorations

Deputies: 66-year-old man stole potted plants, statues, windmills


DELTONA, Fla. – A 66-year-old Deltona man accused of stealing yard decorations -- such as potted plants, statues and windmills -- was arrested Saturday, deputies said.

According to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, Dennis Carlo's numerous yard decorations were arranged and secured by zip ties to a fence to prevent thefts, which was ironic since he is now accused of stealing all of the items from other homes.

The first theft happened Aug. 18 when one victim said several of her potted palm plants had been stolen from her front yard that day and then more potted plants went missing a few days later, deputies said.

Another victim in the same neighborhood told deputies Aug. 21 a large angel statue was stolen from his front yard.

Deputies said over the next few days, more victims -- seven altogether -- reported missing potted palm trees, potted banana plants, potted crotons and periwinkles, and a windmill, but one of the victims had surveillance cameras that captured images of the thief and his car.

Deputies found Carlo's gold Toyota car Saturday parked in his driveway at 547 Lino Court. Deputies said the car was surrounded by a yard full of neatly arranged potted plants, large angel statues and windmills.

Deputies met with Carlo who, they said, was still wearing the same clothes he wore to steal the crotons and periwinkles. Carlo confessed to stealing some of the potted plants, authorities said.

The recovered plants were found to have been well cared for and in good condition. Deputies said all of the items were returned to their owners.

Carlo was arrested on seven counts of theft. Deputies said he was booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach.