Orlando discusses 'vehicles for hire'

Many cab drivers support ride-sharing companies Uber, Lyft

(John R. Coughlin/CNN)

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Orlando City Council on Monday held a workshop to discuss "vehicles for hire" in the city following the launch of ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft.

There were no decisions made at the meeting, which was a chance for the city attorney and deputy chief of police to explain to the City Council what the current vehicle for hire laws are.

The room was packed with taxi cab drivers, Uber drivers, airport officials and law enforcement members. The council did not take any public comment and only heard from a legal standpoint why Uber and Lyft are operating illegally and what the options are as far as changing the current ordinance to allow for the ride-sharing companies or how to ban them and enforce that ban.

Local 6 learned that many taxi cab drivers are actually in favor of Uber coming to Orlando. Many of them told Local 6 at the meeting that they are leaving their jobs at taxi companies and going to work for Uber because of better pay and quality of life.

Lyft drivers told Local 6 they will continue to give people rides, driving illegally until the city can come up with a solution.

Council members will hold another workshop on October 20 to examine how they would like to handle ride-sharing companies in Orlando.