Smart meters coming to downtown Orlando


ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando's City Council moved one step closer Monday to outfitting downtown with new parking meters dubbed smart meters.

The city will replace 1,100 meters by the end of the year. Monday commissioners voted to allow IPS Group, Inc. to work with the city on a contract, before it's presented for final approval at a future council meeting.

The meters will use solar power and accept coins, credit and debit cards as well as pay-by-phone payments. More than half of the meters will include technology allowing users to see which spaces are available via a smartphone application.

Three companies had been in the running for the contract, but one company withdrew its bid. The city has been testing several versions of the meters within the last few months.

According to the city, the meters will cost $657,800 and annual recurring costs will total $119,610. The city says the new meters will save the city $85,620.