Animal Control puts pit bull in quarantine after girl bitten at bus stop

Dog named 'Precious' bites 6-year-old in buttocks at bus stop

DeLAND, Fla. – Animal Control said a mother and her little girl were waiting at the bus stop when a dog came out of nowhere and attacked the girl.

"My dog's not vicious," said James Roberts, the owner of the dog.

Local 6 saw the dog named "Precious" as it lounged in the shade and played with a kitten, but Animal Control said it was the same dog that bit the girl.

Six-year-old Marina Mendez said the dog bit her in the buttocks and described how it happened.

"It scratched my mom and then my mom hit the dog with my book bag and the dog bit me," said Mendez.

"If it did happen, I really do apologize to her but I really can't see my dog doing that. It plays with every other kid in this neighborhood," said Roberts.

Animal Control arrived to the family's home in the afternoon to let them know about the incident and that it needed to be put in quarantine because it bit someone.

"I just can't believe they took my dog. I think they are overrating this because it's a pit bull mix and I think today, people give pit bulls a bad name," said Roberts.

The girl was not seriously hurt and is doing well. Animal Control said it will deem the dog as dangerous because they said it's not the first time the dog has attacked someone. They said it attacked a bicyclist just two months ago.

Animal Control is still investigating this case. They said that if the family wants their dog back, they'll have to pay at least $200 in citations and follow certain requirements. The family can request a hearing to discuss their case.

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