College Park home burglaries investigated

Crimes may be related, Orlando police say


COLLEGE PARK, Fla. – Orlando police are investigating burglaries in College Park that they say appear to be related.

The burglaries happened along the 1300 block of Vassar Street.

In each case, the burglar or burglars ignored electronics and went right to the bedroom for jewelry, said the victims. Two homes were burglarized Monday, during the day, and the homeowners told Local 6 the burglars broke in through a back door during the daytime.

The College Park community quickly sent out Facebook warnings about the burglaries and a reminder to set alarms. In one case, the alarm system was not on and in the other burglary, the home did not have a security system, according to the victims.

But the threat of security alarms did not stop them in Billie Wash's case. Burglars broke in to her home where an ADT security alarm sticker was placed on a door window.

"See this hole in the glass here, they ran their hand through there and opened it," said Billie Wash, who said she will remain fearful until the culprits are caught. "I don't feel safe. People need to be aware of what's going on in the neighborhood."

Police said they do not have any suspect information as they continue to investigate.