Semi driver killed trying to stop for fire truck in St. Cloud

Freak accident kills 32-year-old semi driver


ST. CLOUD, Fla. – A semi-truck driver was killed in a freak accident as he tried to stop for a fire truck. Witnesses wonder if he had enough of a warning.

The 32-year-old semi driver slammed on the brakes so hard that beams on the trailer came crashing through the cab crushing him to death.

The crash happened at 3:20 p.m. Wednesday on Narcoossee Road and Yukon Street in St. Cloud.

Troopers returned to the site of the deadly crash Wednesday night to gather more information.

Witnesses worry an emergency signal wasn't activated before the fire truck headed out for the emergency call.

The signal turns red when firefighters activate it as they head out to cross the intersection, but in this case, the first responder was taking a right onto Narcoossee Road.

"I have trouble, sometimes, seeing them come out just because you don't hear them until you're right up on them and you don't always see them," said Stephen Steele who lives in the area.

But neighbors like Steele said the signals used to give warning to drivers on Narcoossee Road are hardly ever activated ahead of a call.

"In as long as it's been there, I've never seen it change to red so I mean I see them pull out several times a day," said Steele.

Troopers said the fire truck stopped with flashing lights and sirens before turning onto Narcoosse Road; still the force from trying to yield to that truck led to the freak accident.

Troopers are now looking at who loaded the beams and just how they were strapped. They are also working to notify family members before releasing the driver's identification.