Orlando workers share how 9/11 inspired them to join TSA

Nation remembers 9/11 victims


ORLANDO, Fla. – As Americans remember the 13th anniversary of 9/11, some TSA workers at Orlando International Airport shared with Local 6 how 9/11 inspired them to sign-on for the job.

Two months after the attacks, Congress created the Transportation Security Administration to keep the US's transportation system secure and to prevent another attack from happening.

Before joining the TSA, Peter Lewandowski worked for the NYPD and was a first responder that day.

"I remember hearing the roar of a jet engine and then a loud explosion and that was the second plane hitting the tower," says Lewandowski."The next thing I knew the ground started shaking a little and it came down and I took off running.

After the attack, he spent eight months at ground zero. Once he retired from the NYPD, he joined the TSA in 2007.

"I just thought working for the agency that was created because of the horrific events would be fulfilling for me," he said.

Craig Ogden was in the army when 9/11 happened. He fought in Afghanistan and Iraq before joining the TSA in 2008.

"As Americans, we think civilization is constantly moving forward, but its not guaranteed," Ogden said.

He specializes in explosives, using his military experience to offer training to other TSA employees. He also decides what may or may not be a hazard as it goes through security.

The most satisfying part of my job is when I go home and nothing bad happened and we played a part in it."

TSA also says out the approximately 1100 employees at OIA, 25 percent of them are veterans.