Oviedo homes, cars targeted by burglars, police say


OVIEDO, Fla. – Neighbors are on high alert after Oviedo police say thieves broke into eight cars and three homes in just two hours overnight.

They targeted homes and cars off of Lockwood Boulevard, near Alafaya Trail.

Police were tipped off after an alert neighbor caught them red-handed.

"He said he saw a group of eight individuals walking in the neighborhood pulling
on car doors," says Lt. Mike Beavers.

As police searched for suspects, Larynilsa Medina says one of the burglars
hid in her neighbor's backyard.

"He didn't get in but was squatting below her hot tub and back porch," says Medina.

Police say the thieves are hitting subdivisions like Twin Rivers and Carillon and targeting
unlocked doors. They say its a crime of opportunity.

"These individuals are just like the wild bears. If you feed them they'll keep coming back,"
says Beavers.

But now the burglars are taking it one step further, using garage door openers they find
in unlocked cars to get into people's houses.

Police believe it could be a group of young teens behind the burglaries. Until they're caught, neighbors like Medina aren't taking any chances.

"It makes me want to get a gun to protect me and my daughter its very scary for me and I don't know what else to do," Medina said.

Police say it's important to remember to remove valuables from your car, secure garage openers, and lock your car doors to prevent these crimes.