Student attacked while walking to school in Winter Springs

16-year-old hits man, runs home

11pm Student Attacked Walking to School
11pm Student Attacked Walking to School

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. – Police continue to search for a knife-wielding man who attacked and tried to rob a teenager walking to school in Winter Springs.

The incident happened Thursday morning near State Road 419 and Layer Elementary School in Winter Springs.

The 16-year-old was walking on a nearby trail, taking it to school after missing his bus. He had his phone and was listening to music when he said someone came out of the woods and approached him.

"He walks up to me and asks me for my phone. I said, 'No,' and he pulls out a pocket knife," said David Chmielewski.  "So I start to pull it out and he goes to grab for it, and I hit him and he tripped to the ground."

Chmielewski, who was not injured, said he then ran home and called police.

"I'm definitely pressing charges. I just hope it doesn't happen to the kids," said Chmielewski, who added that the man was a complete stranger.

Neighbors were surprised when they heard the news.

"I walk very early in the morning before work.  I haven't really seen anybody out here other than the people who walk their dogs,," said Jacquelyn Sanders

"It's pretty low.  If you're a grown man (and) you have to rob from a small child like that," said another neighbor.

Investigators described the culprit as a Hispanic man with long black hair, green eyes and a mustache.

Local 6 showed neighbors a police sketch of the culprit, and a woman says he resembles a man she has seen at a nearby scrap yard.