More coyotes trapped after string of pet attacks

Trapper confirms coyotes caught in Winter Park neighborhood

WINTER PARK, Fla. – Two more coyotes have been trapped after a month-long string of pet attacks in several Orlando-area neighborhoods.

Trapper Wayne Salicrup told Local 6 the coyotes were caught Tuesday night in a Winter Park neighborhood, the same city where he caught another coyote Sunday morning.

Since August, a string of presumed coyote attacks has plagued a nearby College Park neighborhood. One attempt was even caught by a homeowner on surveillance video.

Salicrup, who runs Trapline Wildlife Services, said he has dispensed traps in several Orlando neighborhoods at the request of clients. He said coyotes come into College Park and Winter Park from large patches of woods, especially one located at Princeton Street and John Young Parkway in Orlando.

He advises homeowners to keep pets inside at all time and to not leave pet food out either.

The coyote trapped Sunday was euthanized. Salicrup said relocating it wasn't an option.

No word yet on what he plans to do with the two coyotes trapped Tuesday evening.