Winter Park brothers make debut on CBS show 'Survivor'

Alec, Drew Christy appear on 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' premiere


WINTER PARK, Fla. – Brothers Alec and Drew Christy made their debut on CBS' "Survivor" Wednesday night, with friends and family cheering for them at a private viewing party.

Taping on the show is over for the season, so the brothers were able to return to Winter Park to see the show.

They were cast by CBS executives after the brothers sent in a video they created in their family's living room. They said they agreed on how to do it rather quickly.

"Let's just sit back and talk about all the things we do in everyday life and drink beer," Alec said. "And we did that."

CBS apparently liked what they saw and cast them in the 29th season of "Survivors."

"Survivor: Blood vs. Water" pits pairs of relatives against each other in a contest to survive in the jungles of San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua.

"Even though I was competing against Drew, he's the only person I can look at and be like, 'He's got my back.'

Everyone else in this entire game is trying to beat you for a million bucks," said Alec.

Drew said living their entire life in Florida actually helped them prepare for the competition.

"I was sleeping outside with no shirt on," he said. "Other people were covering themselves head-to-toe from bugs. People who aren't used to the heat and humidity and outdoors definitely had a rougher time that we did out there."
Their mother said she wasn't surprised her sons were chosen for the show.

"When you have that much personality and two sons close together, competitive, living life to the fullest, it definitely can take its toll on the parent," said Andrea Christy.

Alec and Drew were not allowed to say how far they made it on the show, or if they won. They said they're proud of what they accomplished.

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