Car windows shot out with BB gun, Volusia County deputies say

Deputies: 5 to 6 car windows shattered overnight in Deltona neighborhood


DELTONA, Fla. – Five to six cars had their windows shattered sometime overnight by BB guns in a Deltona neighborhood, Volusia County deputies said.

It happened on Omaha and Snow drives, where both streets are very close to each other.

James White said it happened to his family's minivan.

"I got up this morning to go to work and my wife called around 5 a.m., and my wife was crying hysterically that the van was punctured out with a BB gun," said White.

Local 6 found four cars -- three on Omaha Drive and one nearby on Snow Drive -- that ended up with shattered windows.

"We keep to ourselves we don't bother anyone and then finding out from my wife this happened, I wasn't happy about the situation," White said.

Deputies don't know whose responsible or why the cars were hit, leaving neighbors like White worried something worse could happen.

"I worry because I got three kids," said White. "If they're willing to take it to this kind of limit, what else are they willing to do?"

It'll cost White almost $300 to fix the window of his van.