Kissimmee commissioner went 105 mph in city truck, FHP says

Commissioner Sara Shaw says that is not true


KISSIMMEE, Fla. – The Florida Highway Patrol says they clocked a Kissimmee commissioner going 105 mph in a city truck.

However, in a called meeting, Commissioner Sara Shaw said that is not true.

"It was a speeding ticket, I didn't commit a crime. It's a speeding ticket," said Shaw -- a speeding ticket she said she plans to fight. "I was not going 105 mph, absolutely not."

In August, Shaw was in a city truck in south Florida business. A trooper said he caught her going more than 100 mph on the Florida Turnpike, but she said the trooper would not show her the pace clock.

"That's between (her) and the legal system -- not me," said Kissimmee Mayor Jim Swan.

In the wake of the speeding ticket, Swan called a special meeting making some changes.

"Starting today, no city commissioner will use a city vehicle for any purpose whatsoever," said Swan.

It was a meeting that was quick and to the point.

"I'd like to apologize to my fellow commissioners and people of Kissimmee for any embarrassment that this may have caused my city," said Shaw.

Swan told Local 6 these city trucks could be borrowed by commissioners for city business, that is until now.

Shaw said she plans to fight the ticket in a court hearing Oct. 15.