Orange City woman holds robber at gunpoint

Mother takes down suspected robber who broke into home


ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – An Orange City mom jumped into action early Thursday morning, pulling out a gun and taking down a suspected robber.

Lizette Rosario said her son told her someone was trying to break into her house around 4:30 a.m.

She grabbed her 9mm and ran outside.

"I woke up frantic. The first thing I thought of was to grab my gun, defend my home, defend my child, and that's exactly what I went out there to do," Rosario said.

Rosario said the man, later identified as Robert Williamson, hid behind her shed when he realized she was armed.

"When you come in a fenced yard, a private property that's fenced in -- you jump the fence and you're at the back door -- your intentions are not good," she said.

As she waited for help to arrive Rosario made it clear she was ready to shoot.

"To come out from behind the shed with his hands up, to where I could see them," she said.


Rosario's son eventually tackled Williamson to the ground.

Williamson was arrested and charged with trespassing.

According to county records, since 2011 Williamson has been arrested on grand theft, burglary and petit theft charges.

"The only thing I would say saved him is that my son stepped in and took him down before I could take the shot," said Rosario.

Rosario said she has a security company installing a system and cameras around her home.

"I will protect my home and my kids under any circumstances," she said.