Gunman robs woman of purse, phone in Winter Park

Woman not hurt after being robbed at gunpoint near Park Avenue


WINTER PARK, Fla. – An armed robbery in one of central Florida's most upscale business districts has alarmed locals and forced police to step up patrols.

Winter Park police said that at 11:49 p.m. Tuesday, a man with a gun robbed a woman of her purse and phone in the city's premiere shopping and dining corridor. The robbery happened along New England Avenue just east of Park Avenue.

Police said the gunman and another man got into a getaway car that was driven by a third person.

"You just don't hear about these kind of incidents in Winter Park," said Terri Cassily, who works late at night at a women's boutique on Park Avenue.

Cassily said she carries Mace and has it ready before she closes up shop alone at night.

After the late night attack, one by one, police have become more visible in the upscale business district. Friday morning, police met with local businesses to warn them about the bold robbery.

Police released surveillance pictures of the robbers, but admit they are not very clear. However, police said the detective working this case found new video that might show those robbers even clearer.

For visitors and locals, it's a reminder that crime can happen anywhere.

"It's getting a little unnerving," said Cassily. "We've got an alarm system. I keep in touch with the restaurant behind me and we try to be on the lookout for each other as much as we can."

Police think the men also committed another robbery at University and Goldenrod, not far from and within a short time after the Winter Park incident. In each case, police said the men were in a grey sedan with a loud muffler.