Florida man shoots, kills huge bear inside his home

Man calls 911, says bear was showing teeth

File photo.
File photo.

LADY LAKE, Fla. – A man shot and killed an estimated 500-pound bear that broke into his Lake County home, telling wildlife officials that it was the biggest bear he's ever seen.

[LISTEN TO 911 CALLS:  Part I | Part II]

In 911 calls, the man said he had no choice but to shoot the bear, which he said continued to enter his home through a window, even after he yelled at the animal.  The man said he thinks the bear was after his pet dog's food.

"The bear came back tonight," the man said in a second call to authorities.  "I cranked open the window in the living room and yelled at it and it just kept coming at me, showing teeth, so I shot it.  It's dead on my porch."

The man first called 911 hours earlier, reporting that a bear had damaged his home.

"It came in the same way it did last night.  It ripped out a whole set of metal windows," the man said.  "He's got to be 450 to 500 pounds.  He's huge."

The man said he didn't touch the bear, wanting Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials to remove it.

"(The bear) is laying in the middle of my Florida room, bleeding all over.  I shot him in the head," the man said.  "I've seen a lot of black bear -- I hunt -- and I've never seen one this big."

The man said he moved the dog food inside in an effort to deter the bear from returning, but that didn't stop the animal.

"He walked right through the shrubs, almost over them he was so big, and just climbed right in.  He was two-thirds of the way in when I saw first saw him and I yelled and he just looked up at me and kept right on coming like he didn't care I was there.  And I don't have any way to stop him (other than shooting him)."

Wildlife officials said they would not release photos of the bear because of an ongoing investigation.