Burglars break into 15 cars in Ormond Beach, police say

Thieves target Tomoka Oaks, Talaquah subdivisions


ORMOND BEACH, Fla. – Car burglars have broken into at least 15 cars in two different neighborhoods in Ormond Beach, police said.

The thieves targeted the Tomoka Oaks and Talaquah subdivisions which are down the street from each other.

Allanah Armstrong and her husband live in Talaquah, a gated community, and woke up to find items inside their trucks trashed.

"It's an uneasy feeling in a gated community that your car is ransacked,"Armstrong told Local 6.

In some cases the burglars smashed in windows and in others car doors were left unlocked.

Mike Kelly said his wife's van window was smashed.

"It's really shocking to me. It really is," said Kelly. "As she opened her passenger side door and looked through she saw glass broken inside and outside."

Investigators don't have any suspects at this point, but whoever was responsible could have been on a bike or walking in the neighborhood because its gated.

In the meantime, police are stepping up patrols hoping to catch the burglars before they strike again.