Red-light camera maker sued for $5 million

If you have been ticketed by a red-light camera in the past four years, you could soon be getting a refund.

The battle over red-light cameras is heading back to the courtroom.  Two South Floridians are suing the Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions that control most of the red-light cameras in Florida.

The lawsuit comes after another court ruled that the company did not have the authority to hand out tickets the same way law enforcement does.

The suit is seeking $5 million for anyone cited in the past four years.

According to the ATS website, the company owns cameras in: Clermont, Cocoa Beach, State Road 408, the Florida Turnpike, Groveland, Ocoee, Palm Coast, Apopka, State Road 429, Orange County, Orlando and Osceola Parkway.