Ormond Beach police return items stolen in burglary


ORMOND BEACH, Fla. – Residents stopped by the Ormond Beach Police Department on Wednesday to find their stolen items after police arrested three people who they believe were connected to the recent rash of burglaries.

From jewelry to bowling patches, Loretta Byrum and Gina Lloyd searched for what belongs to them.

"There was a necklace in there that was my 25th wedding anniversary gift from my husband," said Byrum.

"Necklaces, earrings, my camera which had all the camera images still on it," said Gina Lloyd.

Police said they're investigating 15 burglaries that happened in the area between US 1 and Nova Road over the past couple of months. As of Friday, they said they found their culprits.

"We've arrested three adults and are still investigating two juveniles," said Sgt. Scott Gaston.

Officers served a search warrant at a home on South Center and arrested Timothy Willings, Scott Rogers and Katherine Leder.

Those three and the teens all temporarily lived under Richard Wendle's roof. Wendle even showed Local 6 where the couple and their children slept. He said he can't believe his longtime friends got arrested.

"Timmy and Kitty don't rob and break into places," said Wendle.

However, police said, it's all about the people who now get the chance to find their valuables that were once taken from them.

"I know it's just a thing, but I think it's the symbolism behind so many of those things that it hurts," said Loretta Byrum.

Police said they were able to recover most of the jewelry and other valuables from pawn shops and from Friday's search warrant but said they are still trying to find out where some of the recovered items came from.

All three people arrested are charged with dealing in stolen property, grand theft and unarmed burglary.

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