Smelly car? Central Fla. company says they have solution

Local company: Fogger leaves your car smelling fresh


ORLANDO, Fla. – Is your car smelling musty? It may be making you sick.

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A spilled drink here, a leaky window there, even a faulty A/C unit hidden deep in your dashboard can all be sources of mold and mildew.

A local company says they have a process that can leave your car smelling fresh and allergen-free, all in less than an hour.

Class Services said their "Green Nano Technology" fogger will kill all odor causing bacteria. 

"We've heard of sick car syndrome? No, we haven't, but there is one." Don Ward, director of Class Services, said as he showed off what he calls his company's "revolutionary cleaning product."

Ward said people are getting sick from the bacteria in their cars and they may not even realize it.

"This is an issue we're finding more and more. People are getting in their car and having headaches," he said. "They buy a used car and there's something growing in it. Suddenly a half hour home they have a headache and they can't figure out why. It's what's in their car."

Dr. Jose Arias, allergy and immunology specialist, agrees. The Altamonte Springs doctor said he sees patients all the time who complain of allergies but many over look their car as the cause.

"There's no doubt that people have problems because if you're very allergic to dust, dog, cat, cockroaches and mold, all that stuff is in your car. You're there for several hours while you're driving and the air most of the time is hitting you in the face."

Dr. Arias said common symptoms include irritated eyes, stuffy nose, cough, weezing, shortness of breath, even headaches.

After a thorough cleaning and a new cabin air filter is installed in the car, Ward places a small machine no bigger than a milk crate on the passenger floorboard. With the windows up and air conditioning on recirculate, the fogger is put through its three-stage process.

"We're fogging the car and the key active ingredient is titanium dioxide," Ward said. "That's what's been used in hospital surgery rooms to prepare them so that's how effective it is."

He said the chemical kills all odor-causing bacteria. This is the first time it's being used in an automotive application. Ward said the proof is in the smell.

"We don't expect everyone to know what titanium dioxide is or green nano technology. All we want them to do is stick their nose in before and after and are you convinced?" Ward said.

Class Services said they have been working with 58 local car dealerships for a year. They've been cleaning used car inventory but said a retail location is in the works.

"People don't want to take home something that still smells of nicotine or might smell of marijuana. We did a car that had a dead rat in it. The guy loved the car but until we treated it there was no way he was going to buy it," he continued. "The guy bought it. He couldn't believe i got rid of that smell."

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