Woman jumped on mom in fight about money, Holly Hill police say


HOLLY HILL, Fla. – Holly Hill police have arrested a woman they say jumped on her mother during an argument about money.

Joan Montoya, 52, has been charged with battery on a person over 65 years old in the Wednesday incident.

Police said Montoya went into her mother's bedroom, and began to yell and curse at her, demanding that her mother give her all of her money.

The mother told Montoya that she would give her $50 of the money because Montoya was "drunk on alcohol," and she didn't want Montoya to spend it all, according the report.

Police said Montoya left with the $50 and returned, demanding more money, to which her mother refused.

Montoya then jumped on her mother and grabbed her, according to the report. Montoya's mother said she would give her more money if she left her bedroom and locked herself in the bathroom to call 911.

Police said Montoya tried to break down the bathroom door. She was arrested and taken to Volusia County jail