Woman: Razor found in daughter's Halloween candy

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – Police in Lake County are warning parents to go through their kids' Halloween candy after a woman claims she found a razor blade in a chocolate bar.

Tara Boyles captured video of the razor blade (watch below) and shared it with Local 6. In the video, which she posted on Facebook to warn other parents, she opens a 3 Musketeers chocolate bar and finds a small razor blade from a cosmetic pencil sharpener inside.

Her daughter, Tracy Boyles , 15, said she went trick-or-treating with her boyfriend near Umatilla Middle school on Halloween. She first noticed something was wrong after eating a piece of chocolate Monday that she took to school.

"I bit down hard on something," said Tracy. "And then I spit it out. I was sick to my stomach."

After telling her mother what happened, they sat down and started checking each piece of candy. That's when they found a second razor blade and captured it on video for law enforcement.

"Its not a joke," said Boyles. "My child could have died."

Umatilla Police Chief Adam Bolton said an investigation has been launched into the incident.

"Parents should always be cautious whenever a stranger is giving something to your child, especially something that is edible," Bolton said.