Electric Daisy Carnival held this weekend in Orlando

DPAC events, Veterans Day Parade also in town

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Electric Daisy Carnival is happening at Tinker Field this weekend, and it's more than the booming bass you can hear blocks away from here.

"The lights, the people, the music. Oh my gosh, it's the best experience," said Matta Niederhouse, who came from West Palm Beach for this experience.

It's the first time the field has been used since it was shut down in January for the massive Citrus Bowl renovation project.

The date was set in ink on the calendar though, so construction crews had to put down their shovels for a few days so the show could go on.

This one event pays the city of Orlando handsomely, so much so that the Electric Daisy Carnival pays for all the upkeep at Tinker Field for the entire year.

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