Florida pastor breaks world record

Zach Zehnder of The Cross Church in Mt. Dora preaches for 50 hours


MT. DORA, Fla. – After a long weekend, a Central Florida pastor is probably happy to relax.

Zach Zehnder of The Cross Church in Mt. Dora broke the Guinness world record for longest speech over the weekend.

Zehnder spoke for 50 hours, starting at 7 a.m. Friday to 9 a.m. Sunday.

Zehnder had originally planned to preach the entire Bible, but Guinness rules dictate that he could not have a copy of the Bible with him and could only have a 5-minute break every hour.

In all, Zehnder preached 50 different sermons and raised almost $100,000 for a new charity in Lake County called Hand in Hand.

With that help, Hand in Hand was able to open up its first recovery house, a  home built by Habitat for Humanity in Eustis just a few weeks ago.

The Powerhouse Recovery home is for men looking for help breaking addiction and for assistance getting their lives back on the right track.