Friends go on every Walt Disney World ride in 17 hours

Disney enthusiasts log around 22 miles in 17-hour trek


LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Two Disney enthusiasts made it a goal to make it to every ride at the four Walt Disney World theme parks, and just days ago they did it in one day.

Shane Lindsay and Ted Tamburo told Local 6 they took no breaks, and relied on power bars and water bottles to get them through the day, also carrying with them an itinerary and a childhood dream.

"If you're an average guest here on vacation, this is not something you'd want to be doing. It's very much like running a marathon throughout the day," said Lindsay.

It's close to that; they logged around 22 miles in the 17-hour trek. Shane lives in central Florida, but Ted flew down from Chicago for the challenge.

"We pretty much mapped out how we were going to approach the day. We started at Hollywood Studios to try to hit some of the big rides there and then kind of proceeded from there to hit all the four different parks," said Lindsay.

Last year, the team attempted to get on 47 available rides at the time, but a storm rained on their challenge. This time around, just as they started Saturday morning, the plan hit a snag, "The very first ride was Toy Story Mania and it was delayed in opening so it threw our whole schedule off by an hour," said Lindsay.

However, with time management, single rider lanes, and fast passes, the two friends say they hit every single ride.

"If you sat down in a vehicle of some kind and it moved you even a few feet we considered that a ride," said Lindsay.

When it comes to the challenge, they consider it more like a puzzle, "I mean, you're running a marathon and you're trying to do a logic puzzle and every now and then, the logic puzzle switches up on you," said Lindsay.

Local 6 asked what strategies could help park-goers with wait times, they said knowing each ride's operating times is important. According to Lindsay, earliest and latest times can be shortest.