SeaWorld to close 'A'Lure' attraction

ORLANDO, Fla.SeaWorld is starting to make cuts at its Orlando park. It's getting rid of a show that was at the park for six years. This news comes just days after the theme park's CEO stepped down and it announced there would be layoffs.

"A'Lure, the Call of the Ocean," will end its run in January. Debuted in 2008, the show is described as an aquatic tapestry, combining athleticism, acrobats and electronic visuals.

Local 6 spoke with cast members who, abiding by their contract and fearful to lose severance, could not speak on camera. They said they were told Tuesday they'd be let go but that they'd be paid for the next 40 days and have a couple of more performances.

"I think a lot of it goes back to the "Blackfish" documentary and some of the negative press that was spun out of that," said Sean Snaith, an economics professor at the University of Central Florida.

Snaith said this is just the latest predictable domino to fall for SeaWorld. Last week, SeaWorld said 311 employees would be laid off from it's 11 parks, and that came after the CEO already said it'd be cutting $50 millions dollars per year in expenses.

In California, where written notice must be given, SeaWorld filed a letter Friday regarding it's San Diego Park saying, "SeaWorld and its subsidiaries are restructuring the organization and, as a result, will be terminating approximately 108 employees..."

In a recovering economy, Snaith said this is not expected of a park like SeaWorld.

"This is not the norm. This is a set of extraordinary circumstances that are driving this. Here in Orlando, I think they're positioned well to make a comeback," said Saith.

A SeaWorld spokeswoman told Local 6 Tuesday that the theater where the "A'Lure" show took place will just be used for limited-time shows during Christmas time and other celebrations.