Seminole County School District pulls movie from class after complaint

Student told mother about scene implying rape in film


OVIEDO, Fla. – The Seminole County School District said they've pulled a film from one of their classrooms after a student complained to her mom about a disturbing scene implying rape.

The 2007 movie "The Kite Runner" is set in war-torn Afghanistan and tells the story of an unlikely friendship between two boys. A teacher showed the film at Oviedo High School to her ninth-grade AP Human Geography classes.

It's rated PG-13, but one scene implies a boy getting raped by other teenage boys.

Although not graphic, after getting the parent complaint school administrators said they immediately had the teacher stop showing the film.

The school district said the teacher didn't get the movie approved by the school to show nor did she get written permission from parents, which is done when a movie has a difficult subject matter.

Local 6 showed parents the disputed scene.

"She should have gotten approval," said Frank Kaminski, a parent who lives near the school. "But maybe she thought by showing it, it wasn't going to do them any harm and that it would teach them something."

Theresa Vanderveen said she thinks showing the scene depicts aspects of real life.

"It's sad and it's tragic something like that would happen, but these children need to be made aware of this. It's reality," said Vanderveen.

The district said the film wasn't something they would have been comfortable approving and said it won't be shown again in the future. They also said they have reviewed their policy with the teacher and told her that movies shown in class always have to be approved.