Would-be robber falls through ceiling of bakery, police say

11pm Burglar Falls Through Ceiling
11pm Burglar Falls Through Ceiling

GROVELAND, Fla.Groveland police said a teenager tried to rob a local business by climbing into the ceiling, but the teen's plan failed when he fell through ceiling tiles and landed on top of a rack of potato chips.

Walk into Gonzalez Bakery on West Broad Street in Groveland and a gaping hole in the ceiling greets you.

"I'm working here inside," said Anselmo Gonzalez, who was baking goods when he heard a loud crash. "Oh my gosh, he is on the floor."

Gonzalez found the 19-year-old inside of his store. He'd come from the ceiling, falling on his way down on now damaged shelves and was caught with a chip rack

"All grocery is on the floor and this rack is on the floor, all on the floor," said Gonzalez.

"I suppose that it's a customer, but I didn't look at the ceiling, I'm looking at the guy," said Gonzalez, when asked if he thought it was a customer.

Police said the would-be robber was Chacarion Avant. Police said Avant gave them a fake name and was badly hurt. The mystery has since been how he got up there. No stairs were found around the building, but a look at a neighboring business yields a clue -- a familiar sight of ruined ceiling tiles.

Fire rescue who responded to the scene said they believe Avant may have gone through the front door of a neighboring barber shop and crawled his way up the ceiling, eventually falling victim to his own crime.

Avant was sent to the Lake County Jail after being released from the hospital. He is being charged with armed burglary and giving false information. His bond is set at $16,000.