2 adults, 2 kids found dead in car submerged in pond, Kissimmee police say

Diver: Finding family of 4 'was traumatic'

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – Kissimmee police released the names on Wednesday of the two adults and two children found dead in a car submerged in a retention pond.

[AUDIO: 911 released in crash ]

The victims in the vehicle were identified as Ulysses G. Montero, 25, of Miami; Julie M Lopez-Elias, 24; Julissa M. Montero, 4; and newborn Dlias D. Montero, all of Kissimmee.

Police said the car was found in a pond in front of Valencia College on U.S. 192 at around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

"Over here, one car ... he go to the water on John Dunn and 192," the caller told 911 dispatchers in the call released Wednesday. "Please it's an emergency."

The caller then tells dispatchers in Spanish that it appeared that the car launched over the sidewalk into the lake and drove in. He said he had never seen anything like it and that it appeared like it's something the male driver wanted to do.

Thomas Sergent is an experienced diver and was the first person to find the four-door sedan submerged at the bottom of the retention pond with four people inside. He said Kissimmee police came to his shop, Scuba Dive Addiction, because he was less than two miles from the crash scene and they needed a diver.

"An officer came in with a sense of urgency on his face and says he could use a diver and some gear," Sergent said.

He told Local 6 when he got to the scene he immediately got in the water. Guided above the surface by first responders, he went under the murky water in search of the car. He said after 10 minutes of searching he felt metal.

Sergent said he went down searching with hope, but knew instantly the four people inside, a man, woman and two children he described as an infant and toddler, had not survived.

"The side windows were intact and then I saw children's toys floating on the inside and saw the windshield had been broken," Sergent said. "Seeing the toys -- it was traumatic. I wasn't prepared for it."

After telling police, they gave Sergent a steel hook to put on the car to it pull out.

While investigators work to figure out how the car ended up in this pond, Sergent, a father to four kids of his own, said he'll never forget what he saw.

"It's sad anytime, but with the holidays and stuff, when you're thinking about families, it's heartbreaking."

A memorial was forming at the crash site on Wednesday.

The father of Lopez-Elias spoke with Local 6 briefly and said that the couple was married. He also said the couple were raising a third child, an older boy who was not in the car, but Montero is not the biological father.

The 911 caller also mentioned the driver looked like he could be having possible convulsions.

Bob Gotting was another eyewitness who said he saw the car jump the median as it was heading westbound on US 192.

"The driver was driving really erratically and almost collided with several cars," said Gotting. "There was some altercation, a fight I thought it might be a carjacking for all I know."

Anyone who may have witnessed the incident can contact the Kissimmee Police Department's Major Crimes Unit at 407-846-3333.