Parking lot near OIA shuts down with vehicles still in lot


ORLANDO, Fla. – A parking lot near Orlando International Airport has shut down unannounced, with hundreds of vehicles still inside the lot.

The group that manages Airport Quick Parking on Jetport Road suddenly shut down their business and left, said the owner of the parking lot.

The closure came without warning and many customers were left stranded at the airport terminal with no way other than a cab to get to the parking lot.

Some customers arrived before the parking attendant, who is now stationed there 24-hours-a-day.

One of those customers posted a review on Google, "Arrived back in Orlando Christmas late afternoon and the place was closed with lock on gate. Called many times with no answer. Do not use this parking lot. Our vacation was ruined because of this company."

The owner of Airport Quick Parking has now enlisted the help of airport shuttles to bring some of his customers to get their cars, and he's also waived any charges.

He said he understands this is a huge imposition. He said it's not clear why the management company that ran the operation decided to shut down.

He urges customers who pre-paid using a credit card to contest those charges with their credit card company.

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