Thieves target Port Orange light display again

Holiday lights stolen 3 times

PORT ORANGE, Fla. – The owner of a Port Orange tattoo shop says his business has been hit again by thieves looking for holiday lights.

Local 6 first reported a lighted Christmas tree was stolen from the front yard display at Holdfast Tattoo the week before Christmas.

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The night after the story aired, owner Chris Norton said his surveillance cameras caught someone else stealing lights.

The video shows a man wearing a headlamp walking his dog at around 4 a.m. That man stops at the tattoo shop and is seen pulling up the lights from bushes and shoving them into a bag before walking down the street.

Norton said he replaced the lights on the bushes the next day.

That night, the same man can be seen walking two dogs into the driveway of the tattoo shop. The video shows him checking a soft drink machine outside the store for change before he turns around and starts stealing holiday lights from the bushes again.

Once again, the man walks away, but quickly returns and finds one of the surveillance cameras in the corner of the yard. The video captures his full face as he works to tear the surveillance camera off the fence.

Norton admits the lights don't cost much money, but he's upset about more than that.

"It is the principle," he said. "People are just trying to have a good time around Christmas, and so far, a couple different people come along and just take fun away."

If you recognize the man in the video, call Port Orange police at 386-506-5800.

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