Police welcome pint-sized pup to force

3-pound terrier helps boost staff morale

Local 6: Morning News at 5:30a
Local 6: Morning News at 5:30a

A pint-sized police pup is gearing up for another day on the force, but his department doesn't expect him to do much crime-fighting.

That's because Spot, a 3-pound rat terrier, is not much of a terror on the streets but he's already become an invaluable member of the Woods Cross Police Department in Utah.

Instead of taking down criminals, Spot helps boost morale around the office.

"Woods Cross is a great department and having him here is an added bonus for us," Officer Mike Daughtery said.

Armed with his own protective vest, Spot is an actual police dog registered to the department.

Officers are also looking to hire one that focuses more on crime but say it's not in the budget right now.

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