Melbourne police hunt for Walmart purse-snatching duo

Woman uninjured in attack outside Neighborhood Market


MELBOURNE, Fla. – Investigators in Melbourne are looking for a pair of men who stole a woman's purse as she was walking into a Walmart Neighborhood Market.

The purse-snatching happened Jan. 27 just before 11 p.m. at the store on Wickham Road.

The surveillance video shows the 51-year-old woman walking from the parking lot to the front entrance of the Walmart, while at the same time a man comes from the side of the building and starts to follow her.

He then runs after her, snatches her purse and takes off.

Another man waits nearby and two jump into a car.

The video shows the victim chase after the duo, but to no avail.

"It's very scary because this a great little place to run in for things and you don't want to think that in a nice, open area like this that you're afraid to go into your Walmart," said shopper Teresa Fleenor.

According to the incident report, the men got away with the woman's car and house keys, cell phone, driver's license, debit card and about $30.

Police said she wasn't hurt during the robbery, but was obviously shaken by what happened.

Shoppers now say they're going to things a little differently.

"I'm going to watch my purse and watching my surroundings when I'm going in and make sure it's safe to walk inside," said Samella Taylor.

The men got away in an older model Oldsmobile, according to detectives.

Melbourne police want anyone with information about this case to give them a call.

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