Beauty secrets in snails, bamboo?

American stores now selling cosmetics and skin products popular in the Far East

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We are all looking for the best way to look and feel young and sales of skin care products are on the rise each year.

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Sales of anti-aging products are expected to grow by 26 percent this year and many of those products aren't coming from where you'd expect.

To find that fountain of youth, we in the West are looking east for solutions.

"Americans are wanting to emulate Asians and use all the skin care that comes from Asia," said dermatologist Debra Jaliman.

And what makes these products so desirable the "natural" and exotic ingredients.

"Some of the ingredients that they use in Asia are very unusual, for example, snail mucus is a very important ingredient in Asia. Snail mucus contains 'peptods' and the US market has peptides that they synthesize in a lab," said Jaliman.

Other ingredients include bamboo sap, fermented yeast, green tea, and sake.

Companies such as Target, Nordstrom, Sephora and online retailers like Soko Glam are moving in on the action.

"American brands are taking note. Now we see sheet masks, and snail cream and cushion compacts," said Jaliman, who believes it really comes down to taking the time to make our skin as good as it can be instead of just covering it up with makeup.

"If you find a product that agrees with your skin, and it doesn't cause irritation, doesn't cause redness or itching, I think it's great to try them," said Jaliman.

Ellen White says she's found the right fit for her face and now can't wait to try other products for her other skin care needs.

"This just sort of opened up the world to me that maybe there's some other products in the same line that could reduce other problems that I have that I'd like to address," said White.