UCF police use bait bikes to catch thieves

Stickers put on bikes to warn thieves

ORLANDO, Fla. – Bicycle thieves beware, UCF police are issuing their final warning.

"We're putting these stickers on bikes to warn thieves," said Officer Peter Stephens, with the UCF Police.

The stickers read 'This could be a bait bike.'

"We started the bait bike program back in 2011," Stephens said. "We put GPS tracking units on random police bikes and track them if someone tries to steal them.

Many thieves aren't aware that the bike they are stealing is really owned by police. UCF Police say they have limitations to how many bikes they can place on campus. That's why they are putting out the stickers, and hoping that every student will put one on their bikes to scare away would-be thieves. The idea is being received well by students who have had concerns about bike theft for years.

"I think it's a great idea," said one student. "If it makes them think twice before they steal it, then I'm all for it."

In 2014, UCF police say 78 bikes were stolen on campus, 27 of them were bait bikes."

"I think it shows that it's working," Stephens said. "If they think twice before getting on a bike, then it's making a difference."