Palm Bay teacher accused of dragging boy across room

Police say video shows 6-year-old hitting table, chair, sister

PALM BAY, Fla. – A 28-year-old teacher was arrested in Palm Bay on allegations that she dragged a 6-year-old boy across a room and knocked him into a table.

Ashley Shubert was arrested Friday on charges of child abuse.

According to Palm Bay police, the child told a guardian that during before-school care at Bean Sprouts Learning Center, Shubert lifted him off the ground by his arm and pulled him across the room, pushing his head into a wall. 

Police said they talked to the school director, who provided video, which showed Shubert quickly and aggressively grabbing the boy and lifting him up so his feet cleared the ground.  As she moved him from his seat to the corner of the room, his body swung, causing him to fall, said police, adding that she pulled him back up, knocking him into the corner of a table, a chair and his sister.

The video has not been released by police.

The boy had bruises and complained of being in pain, according to the Palm Bay police report.

Shubert was interviewed by police and said the boy was "acting up," although she didn't explain how, according to officials.  Police said she admitted to grabbing the boy but didn't remember him hitting anything.

The director said Shubert was fired immediately after allegations surfaced.

"It's a difficult situation. She's claiming that the child was loud and unruley, but still that's not an excuse for being overly aggressive, said Yvonne Martinez, spokesperson for the Palm Bay Police Department. 

She was arrested and taken to the Brevard County Jail on $5,000 bond. She was released

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