Vigil held for horse struck by speeding car

11pm Horse Killed Vigil
11pm Horse Killed Vigil

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – The rain didn't keep Cynthia Maul and more than 20 others from remembering Ellie Mae, the horse that was killed after deputies said a man intentionally rammed his truck into her.

They gathered Monday night where Ellie Mae died at the French Landing along the St. John's River near Orange City.

Deputies said the incident began after a group of riders saw Christopher Todd, 21, speeding in the area and asked him to slow down.

It led to an argument with Todd cursing and one of the riders using a racial slur. That's when deputies said Todd sped off, made a U-turn and drove straight for the riders and their horses.

"Its unbelievable that someone could do that to this majestic animal," said Amy Briggs. "I can't imagine what they went through that evening."

Chloe Sloan, 23, was thrown off the horse and onto the hood of Todd's truck. She came to the vigil with her arm in a sling and left an apple to remember Ellie Mae.

"We are animal lovers and this is a tragedy," said Cynthia Maul.

Todd is still in the Volusia County Jail charged with aggravated battery and animal cruelty.