ATM skimmer steals thousands of dollars in Brevard County

West Melbourne police search for SunTrust ATM skimming suspect


WEST MELBOURNE, Fla. – Investigators in West Melbourne are looking for a duo accused of putting a skimming device on a bank ATM.

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Police say they were able to get away with thousands of dollars by ripping off more than 40 bank customers at the SunTrust on Palm Bay Road.

Surveillance video shows a suspect and his accomplice planting a skimming device on the drive-up ATM in the afternoon hours of Jan. 21.

Then, just five hours later, one of the men comes back, removes the skimmer and leaves, taking customer's account information with him.

"I use an ATM quite often and that would make me just completely mad," said Bob Berke.

"It was easy in this case," said Detective Antonio Romano with the West Melbourne Police Department. "As technology gets better, the devices are out there on the Internet and people just get smart with this."

Romano says all of the victims in the case have been contacted. He's now in the process of working with other jurisdictions to see if they recognize the bearded man in the video.

"We have contacted the Economics Crimes Unit with the Brevard County Sheriff's Office so they know about it. We've also spread the word to other agencies looking for similar crime trends and possibly the same suspects in this case."

Police said SunTrust has reimbursed ever victim. 

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