Dog Goes Hospital

CEDAR RAPIDS, Fla. – A pet owner has quite the dog tale after her four-legged friend made the journey to the hospital to pay her a visit.

Nancy Frank was admitted to Mercy Hospital in Cedar Rapids last week for complications stemming from an earlier surgery. Her dog Sissy missed her so much she took it upon herself to be by her side.

According to Frank, Sissy managed to make the 20-block journey to the hospital.

If that isn't wild enough, surveillance video released by the hospital shows the dog walking through the front door and sniffing out the location of her family. 

"I was surprised to see her," Frank explained, "She was all wiggling and excited and I said 'Sarah, did you smuggle this dog in?' And she said no, she brought herself in here mom."

Frank said Sissy was only at the hospital for a quick hello before being taken back  home.