Convicted sex predator can keep lottery winnings -- for now

Timothy Poole being sued by 2 boys Poole allegedly molested


ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A convicted sexual predator who recently won a $3 million lottery jackpot will be allowed to keep his winnings -- for now.

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The two boys Timothy Poole allegedly molested are now suing him, hoping to recover some of the lottery money.

With this lawsuit looming the victims are concerned with the sex predator is going to quickly spend or squander all of his lottery winnings.

But Friday morning, a judge ruled there is no Florida law that would allow her to freeze those assets in this situation.

Back in December, Poole struck it rich, winning $3 million on the Florida lottery scratch off ticket. Nearly 20 years ago Poole was arrested for allegedly molesting two young boys ages 5 and 9. As part of a deal, he pleaded guilty to attempted sexual battery of one of those kids and a judge designated him a sexual predator.

After Local 6 broke the story of Poole's lottery jackpot the two victims who are now adults filed a lawsuit against him

Poole denies that he molested those kids and claims he took that plea deal because it was in his best interest.

He has not yet commented on this lawsuit.

It's not clear if Poole has spent any of his lottery winnings. Since he's a sexual predator he must register his address with the state. He is still living in the same Mount Dora mobile home where he lived before the lottery jackpot.