Noise from The Big Drive concerns neighbors

I-4 to undergo 6-year overhaul

ORLANDO, Fla. – The countdown is on to The Big Drive, a massive overhaul of a 21-mile stretch of Interstate 4 in Central Florida.

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In a couple of months, the dirt will start flying and traffic will begin to slow, but thanks to convenient construction hours, fewer commuters should be affected by the work.  

The Florida Department of Transportation will keep overnight construction hours, clearing up the work by the time most people hit the road for their morning commute.

However, those living in neighborhoods that back up to I-4 won't find the hours as convenient for them.

"I work long days and need my sleep," said one resident. "The regular noise is bad enough; it's going to be terrible with this."

The Big Drive is expected to last for over six years, leaving many residents feeling hopeless and concerned about what to expect.

"There's already so many accidents," another resident said. "My house butts up to the highway, and it's not uncommon to hear a crash. Now, with this, I just don't know what to expect."