Nothing found in Longwood search for missing woman's remains

Woman vanished in 2004, police say

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The Insider

LONGWOOD, Fla. – A search launched in Longwood last week in connection with a 2004 missing person's case did not turn up anything, authorities said Wednesday.

Seminole County deputies said they assisted Longwood police in a search at Dog Track Road and State Road 427.

Police said the wee digging for the human remains of a woman who used to live at a home on the site before it was bulldozed.  Authorities said they do not want the woman's name released because it could jeopardize their investigation.

Neighbors said four run-down houses, all rented to Asian families, had been knocked down over the past year.

The woman disappeared from the area in 2004. 

"It's an active investigation," said Officer Kevin Tuck.

Police did confirm the missing woman is not related to high-profile missing persons cases in Orange County, including Jennifer Kesse and Tracy Ocasio.

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