Woman catches 46 wedding bouquets

Jamie Jackson seeks world record

Local 6: Morning News at 5:30a
Local 6: Morning News at 5:30a

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – You've heard the myth before, the one who catches the wedding bouquet is the next to get married.

However, a Utah woman has proven 46 times that is not necessarily the case.

For the past 20 years or so, Jamie Jackson has grabbed herself quite the reputation as the wedding bouquet collector. 

In fact, she has perfected the technique so much, she has tips for other single ladies who have their eye on the prize.

"I always go to the front," Jackson explained to KSL-TV.

Jackson says the bride typically throws the bouquet straight up and it'll hit a chandelier and go straight down.

She also keeps an eye on her surroundings.  

"I kind-of always look around to see who my competition is," Jackson said, "But I always do it very quietly because I don't want any competition."

Jackson hopes to be invited to more weddings and make it in the Guinness Book Of World Records. 

She began the submission process and tracked down all the brides whose bouquets she caught to get official documentation.

As for marital status, Jackson has never been married but does consider herself a good luck charm. She says only four of the brides whose bouquets she caught have been divorced.