Florida daredevil records high-flying stunts

Daredevil Magic uses GoPro to capture video of his feats

MIAMI – A daredevil in Miami is taking his thirst for adventure to new heights.

[MORE VIDEO:  Daredevil discusses feats]

He goes by the name Daredevil Magic, and it is easy to see why. He calls himself an urban explorer and ventures into abandoned locations.

Magic took his GoPro video camera with him when he climbed to the site of the new Brickell City Center, 50 stories over Miami.

Magic told Local 6 sister station WPLG-TV in Miami, "I don't get scared anymore. The reaction you get when you watch -- that's what I want, that vertigo heart-racing feeling.  That's what I want people to get."

He also says his motives are not malicious, adding, "I want people to know I'm not in it to hurt myself or anyone else.  I don't steal, vandalize or do graffiti."