'A Gift For Teaching' to roll out Pencil Boy Express

Local 6 News at 7:00p
Local 6 News at 7:00p

ORLANDO, Fla. – It was a planning period well spent for teachers at an Orlando high school.

"Paper clips, pencils, we just seem to constantly need," said Crystal Holic, an American History teacher at Colonial High School.

She picked up $450 worth of free supplies, right outside her classroom on Wednesday.

The items are usually at the "A Gift For Teaching" store, the nonprofit organization is on John Young Parkway.

"I get here every morning, sometimes here until 4, 5 at night then I go home to a young baby. Just getting down there, it sounds terrible but it's a 30-minute drive out of my way," said Holic.

After doing some research, organizers at A Gift For Teaching realized they could help more teachers by bringing the supplies to them.

"We'd love for the shelves to be empty at the end of today, but it will help us if we know what wasn't really helpful for them," said Jane Thompson, A Gift For Teaching President .

Thompson says the shopping spree is a test run before "Pencil Boy Express" is launched.

It will be a free mobile store that will travel to schools outside the 10 mile radius of the Gift For Teaching store.

Organizers say the mobile concept will help 25,000 more students.

"Anything that can help, especially helping to get the material into the kids hands, is always useful," said Scott Venable, a marine science teacher.

"Just to have this available to us- is truly a blessing," said Holic.

Organizers hope Pencil Boy Express will hit the road next school year.