UCFPD conducts drill to prepare for active shooter scenarios

Volunteers posed as injured victims


ORLANDO, Fla. – University of Central Florida police hosted law enforcement from Central Florida Thursday to conduct a large drill to practice coordination during simulated emergencies on campus.

Elaborate scenarios and scripts were developed, including one simulation involving a disgruntled individual who opened fire after failing to gain employment on campus.

Simulation used volunteers posing as injured victims – complete with makeup depicting gruesome injuries and broken bones.

"The full-scale exercise and training will help better prepare first responders to handle emergency scenarios and practice life-saving techniques," according to the university. "The exercise will allow agencies to reflect on how they dealt with critical tasks and improve upon protocols for responding to future emergencies."

It wasn't just other law enforcement agencies cooperating with UCF to make the simulation a success, even Burger King donated hundreds of breakfast sandwiches to help feed participants and keep them going during several hours of intense training.

Training will continue Friday.